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The number of wolf territories has increased year-on-year, with twenty-two of them reaching the Czech Republic

As in previous years, we participated in the creation of a nationwide map of the occurrence of wolves.

The functionality of preventive measures has been repeatedly confirmed

The wolves repeatedly return to the surroundings of the farm, where in the summer of 2018 they attacked the animals in the enclosure.

For the first time in the Czech Republic, a wolf was caught and collared

Telemetry collar got a wolf female in Šumava

Project film "About Wolves and People"

A documentary about the activities of the OWAD project itself and the circumstances related to the return of the wolf to our cultural landscape.

The OWADIS project has been launched

Czech-Saxon Information Platform for Collection, Sharing and Analysis of Data on the Lusatian Wolf Population (OWADIS)

The final conference of the project replaced by detailed report

The Covid-19 epidemic prevented the conference from being held

Research of wolves in the OWAD project in a report by Czech Radio

Listen to Ondřej Ševčík's report on Czech predators (only in Czech)

Wolf Management Program was introduced

The Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic introduced a new strategy on 19th March 2020