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The OWADIS project is coming to an end

The final meetings summarized the team's two-year work

The final meetings will summarize the results of the OWADIS project

Three meetings are planned for September 2022

Two wolves were collared in Šluknov region

At the beginning of May 2022, we celebrated trapping success

Full-area wolf monitoring in the Czech and Saxon Switzerland National Park

The monitoring was carried out on December 13, 2021

Award for the film About Wolves and People of the OWAD project

Director Michal Gálik received the award at the T-film festival

The number of wolf territories has increased year-on-year, with twenty-two of them reaching the Czech Republic

As in previous years, we participated in the creation of a nationwide map of the occurrence of wolves.

The functionality of preventive measures has been repeatedly confirmed

The wolves repeatedly return to the surroundings of the farm, where in the summer of 2018 they attacked the animals in the enclosure.

For the first time in the Czech Republic, a wolf was caught and collared

Telemetry collar got a wolf female in Šumava