New maps of wolves distribution in the project area

The OWAD project publishes a new map of wolf occurrence in the project area, ie in the Czech-Saxon border area, for the period May 2018 to April 2019. Based on findings of wolves' traces, which are classified as C1 and C2 in the SCALP international monitoring methodology. wolves occurred in three quadrates 10 times 10 km in the Ore Mountains and in 18 quadrates in the Šluknov area. Looking in more detail and using a square grid of 5 x 5 km, the wolves stayed in four quadrates in the Ore Mountains and in 28 squares in the Šluknov area during the mentioned period. Compared to the previous monitoring period, there was an increase of one square in the Ore Mountains, while in the Šluknov region there were newly added signs of wolves in a total of ten quadrates.
The project area reaches five settled wolf territories, where most of the wolves have reproduced in the period. Compared to last year, the territory in Stolpen-Hohenstein changed its status because it was populated by only one individual, and one new territory was identified in the Lusatian Mountains.

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